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Untangled Spaces is a Creative Organizing & Space Planning Company in Seattle, WA. Our signature services create personalized systems for long-term solutions, restoring peace of mind, character and inspiration, liberating our clients, one space at a time.


Because being disorganized affects more than your physical surroundings, impacting your mental and emotional state, you may experience feelings of being Frustrated, Overwhelmed and Embarrassed. You are not alone! 

All across America, individuals are fighting to keep their head above clutter. We will stand, watch and listen to your needs, making sure to assist in restoring peace of mind, character and inspiration in your space. We draw on our education, skills and intuitive nature to bring peace to not only ones heart and head, but environment as well.

We know that parting with items which no longer serve you, creating new systems and moving furniture around can be intimidating, so we keep de-cluttering simple​​, efficient and rewarding for our clients. So if your space makes you feel Drained, Unproductive or Isolated, pick up the phone or send us an email, we are here to help.​


Liberating YOU, One Space at a Time, in the Greater Seattle Area.

Our Process

Regardless of location, size or space,  you can expect to move through our Untangling Process during every engagement.

Connecting with your Organizer is important, and this service is not a "one size fit all". If you need to process your needs or get clarity around the services being offered, please do not hesitate to contact us; our info is at the bottom of this page.

1. Liberate Clutter

We want to get rid of what you don't need right away. This allows us to spend more time focusing on your favorite items and working them into your space. If you have reusable items you're ready to let go of, we can donate them to a local charity (we love to recycle) or, assist you with  selling them.

2. Implement Flow

Running from one side of the kitchen to the other to put away dishes, or getting up from your desk everytime you need something, really cuts into your time.  We want you to feel the peace and ease of flowing from one task to the next, without strain.

3. Create Functional Space

Can't find a form your boss just handed you, we get it. Maybe you like to throw your socks in the corner…who cares! We work with all personality types and develop systems that are practical, efficient and easy to maintain. All of your belongings will have a home.

4. Embrace Your Natural Style

Who really wants to change their routine, no one, so we don’t even try! We come up with innovative ways to allow you to keep doing what feels natural to you, while maintaining organization, and permeating your signature throughout your space.

5. Enjoy!

Whew, now that we have conquered the hard part, it's time to relax and kick up your feet. Fall into the arms of comfort and experience bliss...your space has officially been Untangled!

Time Estimates


Over time, we've learned that the process of de-cluttering can result in mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.

Because we want to make sure you enjoy the process and feel good about the decisions you make, we limit each untangling session to 3 - 4 hours.


Some projects will take multiple sessions to complete.

Give the Gift of Organization

Gift Certificates are available in any amount, in increments of $50. Certificates may be used towards any Untangled Spaces service. If you provide us with the address, we will mail the certificate for you and cover shipping cost.

Each Certificate is printed on beautiful white, Esse Texture 80-lb. paper, with fine envelope choices: Gumdrop Green, Blue Raspberry, Razzle Berry, Orange Fizz and the details are hand-written, in Untangled Spaces colored ink.

Certificates are valid for six months from date of purchase.