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4 May 2018

My favorite person said, “Octaiviea, information is the new currency.”, and because I trust him, I am saying, the one subject I encourage you to ceaselessly study and collect data on is YOU! 

In the past, I identified as an “over-eater”. I would eat over relationships, sadness, bills, excitement, name it, it was just-cause for chomping! Today, I mostly eat to nourish my body, partake in the beautiful vegetation of Mother Earth, and sustain my energy level while attempting to live my best life.

Currently, my number one tool is my NordgrenFit app. I use this app to track my workouts, weight, and body measurements; I also use the app to chat with my personal trainer Paul and to build community with my fellow NordgrenFit comrades!


30 Jan 2018

It’s been real 2017. What up 2018! I would like to start the new year off right and immediatley liberate those who are feeling the “New Year, New You” blues. Let me be the first to say, the way resolutions are discussed and thrown around in conversation, can be likened to fad diets and hair weaves: eating a healthy diet and being on a diet are two totally different things, so is doing your hair and getting your hair done; the latter examples are transactional, require little effort, and yield temporary satisfaction, while the former require that you put in time, repetition and patience to see results and that you be analytical and make personal adjustments along the way, to meet your needs.

A great place to start when looking to revamp, impl...

17 Jan 2018

These babies can be a real pain if you don’t take the time to design a usage system you’re willing to stick with over time. I cannot tell you how many of these bad boys I have politely asked clients to throw away. 

Accordion file organizers are equivalent to dresser drawers, in no time, they have the potential to become a “catch-all” for anything you have no desire to deal with and/or are tired of looking at. 

You have probably surmised that this organizational tool can be tricky, but like all good things, you must exercise discipline, consistency, and always be open to fine tune, in order to get the results and benefits you are looking for. If you are still open to using this handy organizational tool with a little intentionality, here are a...

2 Jan 2018

I recently realized that I truly enjoy using binders AND, that I eventually stop using them because they become a hodgepodge of random papers. This year, I am ramping it up - I’ve decided to use two binders!

21 Dec 2017

The human mind tends to focus on what's been and what is...SO BORING! Spontaneity on the other hand, adds the element of surprise and demands that your mind flirt with what's next

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

If you're still not convinced, here's why I'd encourage you to switch things up and add a little spice to your life:

Stimulation. Your heart naturally longs to do and to see. When you are confined to a day-to-day schedule and planning out every detail of your life, you often miss the opportunity to explore something new or hangout with that special someone you haven't seen in a while.

Excitement. "Ooh, it's something magical, It's in the air, it's in my blood, it's rushin' on (rushin' on)...

16 Dec 2017

Seattle, WA 2017 : Photo provided by Kh'Mara Hollingsworth : IG @Umm.Mara 

Digital Disillusionment. Is it just me, or does the new "wave" (latest fad) seem to be: How many friends can you accumulate online? For someone who was raised to know the distinction between friends and acquaintances, how could anyone believe they're building solid friendships via the Internet...I truly struggle with this. No, I actually hate it. True bonds of friendship once decorated public venues with laughter, joy and endearing interactions. Now, restaurants, buses, shops, even entertainment spots, all have a looming library feel due to the abundance of craniums slumped over a device. This behavior makes the world feel a little sadder, much colder and super awkwar...

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