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I literally started crying. I work with homeless youth and a client I have been working with for over six years said she had never seen my office clean before; I was so embarrassed! My cubicle being clean was a gift to those I honor and serve. People still walk by today and say, “Oh my gosh!”

Nora, Youth Advocate

I was given office space suggestions based on the natural way I already do things it was a smooth transition and all it took was a little tweak. Over the years, I have tried so many things to get organized. Feelings came up for me, but it was accepted as part of the process. It was safe for me to express my emotions around change and there was no trauma behind it. It was smooth; no big drama.
Brian, Massage Therapist

"Before I opened my new location, I actually had Childcare Resources help me design my layout. I had all the right stuff but we had it in all the wrong places! I knew the changes we made were working by the way the kids played. When the children, my staff and I had less injuries, I knew we did the right thing. No more hitting toes on this or kids bumping into that. Now, everyone is safe."

Pat, Daycare Owner/Provider