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C​lient Quotes

“Untangled Spaces brought organization into my world in a way which worked for me; I would have never been able to come up with it on my own. The systems were designed to fit my style and complement the way that I like to function, in my space. Although I am not completely untangled, I feel much more sane, I can think better, my world is less chaotic and I am able to keep my space much cleaner now."

Amanda, Teacher

"I really liked the personal experience, the one-on-one, the listening, time, effort and energy my organizer put into the process. She was very professional, educated and exuded organization; all these things combined, immediately made me feel like I could trust her.It was like a weight was lifted off of me and I was relieved."

Yasmin, Dreamer & Visionary

“I am organized and I am in control! If I want something, I know I can obtain it. I have everything I said I wanted. I am so much more accountable and responsible after working with Untangled Spaces; I have truly become an adult! I feel untangled! I don’t stress anymore, I pause, breathe and think now.”
Talitha, Student & Entrepreneur