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Running a profitable business can be stressful enough as it is – let’s not complicate things with cluttered, tangled-up spaces.

Organization and Profitability Go Hand in Hand


Ever wonder why you're so tired at the end of the work day? Here’s an idea: wear a pedometer for a few days at work, and see how many steps you take!

Where are your supplies stored and how accessible are they? Do you know how much time you spend looking for paperwork or the right equipment for a task?

These are the things that eat away at efficiency, which is a huge component of profitability.

Untangled Spaces to the Rescue

Because customer service and quality, is our driving force, we will stand with you, observe the area, and listen to your needs.

We study how people work, what needs they may have, and look for innovative ways to make improvements. Once we have come into agreement abut the changes, we are off and running!

Daily life around the office and completing tasks will never be the same.

Time is Money, so Be Prepared


To get the most benefit out of your purchased time: 

  • Try not to schedule any appointments or meetings 45 minutes before or after our session.

  • Inform the appropriate individuals that we will be coming and what we'll be working on.

  • Ask co-workers to honor our time by not distracting you unless it's an emergency.

  • Send phone calls to voicemail and put cell phone on silent.

  • Allow yourself transition time between your last task and when we arrive.

  • Have a snack and drinking water handy.