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Whether it’s a condo apartment, family home, or dorm room – we come ready to work, and when it’s time for us to go, you're in a better place…mentally, emotionally and physically.

It's All About the Customer

Everyone is different, therefore, comfort swings on a spectrum. Some people actually want a little clutter in their area, and feel more comfortable with say, 20% clutter.

So, if whoever inhabits the space is comfortable with 20% clutter, we will create a 20% Clutter Allowance.

If the tolerance is 0%, we can ensure of that too.

Untangled Spaces Solves Problems

Our passion is creating comfortable, personal spaces, and although we come equipped with best practices and tips galore, we implement them within each customer’s intuitive and unique framework.

You will never experience judgement nor will you be pressured into making a change you are not ready for. You know you better than anyone else, and our number one goal is to assist you with bringing out your best.

Be Selfish with Your Time


To get the most benefit out of your purchased time: 

  • Try to be home at least 30 min before our session begins.

  • Let family and friends know you'll be busy during the hours we agree upon.

  • Dress in comfortable clothing you wouldn't mind getting dirty.

  • Remove roaming pets from areas we're working in.

  • ​Turn down the volume on your answering machine and put your cell phone on silent.

  • Be well rested, eat at least 30 minutes before and have drinking water and a snack nearby.