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BAM! Binders Baby!

2 Jan 2018

I recently realized that I truly enjoy using binders AND, that I eventually stop using them because they become a hodgepodge of random papers.

This year, I am ramping it up - I’ve decided to use two binders! The first item I’d like to share with you mfrom my Tools for Success Weaponry is, my wonderful Untangled Spaces Business Binder! 


When I was deciding how I was going to use this binder, I thought it a good idea to, have it be a microcosm of Untangled Spaces - if I were in a rush, I would be confident in grabbing just this binder and my cell phone and I'd be fine. Continue reading to learn exactly how I decided to set it up.


Maybe a little OCD (Obsessive  Compulsive Disorder) shows up in my organizing, but calendars for different areas of my life is a must; in 2018, I will be using six different calendars!


In the upper lefthand corner of this photo, you can see a slim view of the monthly calendar that will only be used in conjunction with this binder, not only because it matches the color scheme of the tabs on my dividers so well (of course that's one reason), I will use this particular to calendar to schedule client follow-up + type e.g. email, phone call, snail mail, face-to-face, birthdays.


I am a such a sucker for "All Things Cute" so I fell for the binder because of it's sturdy design inside and out, the covering is a very well-made blush colored satin, here's the kicker -  the three-ring hardware is gold and the pockets super sturdy and striped with clean white lines. #YUM


Okay, I am getting so excited ! I nearly yelled out-loud when I found these great gold, polka-dotted dividers! I reversed the dividers in my binder so that when I flip to any section, the design will be visible on the left, opposed to putting them in the traditional way and the design being hidden by paper.


Here are the five categories I decided to label my dividers with:  


1) Dream Big! What’s Next? - In this section I keep track of super #ShortTermGoals and things that spontaneously inspire me that I’d like to entertain in the very near future.


2) Collabs + Concepts - I am naturally very innovative visionary and I am making it a point to tap into that skill this year with the intention of creating memorable work with other businesses.


3) Clients + Projects - Here I will keep track of clients next steps/tasks/to-do’s.


4) Marketing + Social Media - I will use this space to write out marketing strategies and campaign ideas, as well as social media posting schedules, content type and frequency.


5) Meeting Notes - “Word-to-the-Wise”, always take paper and pen along to any business meeting you attend, not only are you more likely to document the essential take-aways and to-do’s, you will also most likely right down great quotes that were used and resources that are mention. Well done notes have the potential of becoming a #GoldMine.


If you've made it to the end of this post and you don't currently own a binder, I am encouraging you to set-aside $20 and GO BUY ONE! If you'd like my support with deciding which categories would work best for you this year, please, please, please, do not hesitate to reach out.


Octaiviea Renée, owner of Untangled Spaces, Liberating YOU One Space at a Time!


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