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Umm, Accordion Files?

17 Jan 2018

These babies can be a real pain if you don’t take the time to design a usage system you’re willing to stick with over time. I cannot tell you how many of these bad boys I have politely asked clients to throw away. 


Accordion file organizers are equivalent to dresser drawers, in no time, they have the potential to become a “catch-all” for anything you have no desire to deal with and/or are tired of looking at. 


You have probably surmised that this organizational tool can be tricky, but like all good things, you must exercise discipline, consistency, and always be open to fine tune, in order to get the results and benefits you are looking for. If you are still open to using this handy organizational tool with a little intentionality, here are a few things I’d like you to keep in mind before purchasing:

  1. Is the material durable? For some strange reason, this product is often designed with really crappy plastic, which defeats the purpose of being a dynamic tool to carry tons of paper. When picking out your Accordion Organizer, take a moment to imagine the product two years from purchase and ask yourself, “Will this endure?”

  2. Are there enough pockets? The last thing you want to do is get home to discover that your Organizer is a few pockets shy of what you actually need for it to be worthwhile. Try grouping your papers before purchase, to get an accurate assessment on the number of pockets you’ll need. This will also save you time when you start looking for one to buy. 

  3. Can you label each file folder?  I’ve made the mistake of buying Accordion Organizers in the past that I ended up hating rather quickly, all because I couldn’t remember why the hell I put each pile of paper in their respective pockets! My advice, if you can’t label it, rather than buy it, just walk on by. Hahaha - Octaiviea Renée 

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