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You Won’t Know, What You Don’t Know

4 May 2018

My favorite person said, “Octaiviea, information is the new currency.”, and because I trust him, I am saying, the one subject I encourage you to ceaselessly study and collect data on is YOU! 

In the past, I identified as an “over-eater”. I would eat over relationships, sadness, bills, excitement, name it, it was just-cause for chomping! Today, I mostly eat to nourish my body, partake in the beautiful vegetation of Mother Earth, and sustain my energy level while attempting to live my best life.

Currently, my number one tool is my NordgrenFit app. I use this app to track my workouts, weight, and body measurements; I also use the app to chat with my personal trainer Paul and to build community with my fellow NordgrenFit comrades!

My best trick has been syncing MyFitnessPal to the NordgrenFit app, which I aim to to use daily to track at least 95% of my food intake (it scans barcodes too). My meals are transferred overnight and filtered into my personal diary in my NordgrenFit app so that I am accountable to my trainer.

And lastly, the best tip I can offer others is using weighing and measuring as tools of exploration and discovery. How will I know if I’m overeating if I am unsure of how much I am actually eating. I‘ve re-implemented this process while packing my lunches and preparing my plate at home. I am proud to report, I am feeling my best, eating my best and BEST of all, getting results!

Will I do these things forever? Who knows. What I do know, it all works today, and that is ALL that truly matters.

What tools, tips, and tricks are you using to meat your body conscious and wellness goals? xo 

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